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V-GUARD ELECTRICAL RICE COOKER – VRC(2P) 1.8LThink about freshly boiled rice and the memories of its rich taste would tempt us instantly. It is exactly this freshness that V-Guard’s VRC 1.8 (2P) range of rice cookers would bring to your dining table. This advanced product comes to you with a double layer outer body that complements its premium stature and quality. It is equipped with Keep Warm function that helps to keep rice warm for a longer period of time and offers the advantage of coming with an additional cooking pan that gives you added options. This product also fosters faster cooking and provides a 5 year warranty for heating plate.Product Details• Brand: V-Guard• Model: VRC(2P) 1.8L• Capacity: 1.8 Ltr• Voltage(Volt): 230V~50Hz• Cord Connection: Detachable Cord• Warranty: 1 Year manufacturer warranty• Note: Color depends only on stock availability

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